Affiliate Programme - Promote us and get rewarded!

We want to bring our products to the eyes of as many people as possible. We currently do this through online marketing - we pay search engines to be found. Instead, we would prefer to pay like-minded cycling enthusiasts to promote us. That's why we use a FREE affiliate programme that anyone can join.

What is an affiliate programme?

With an affiliate programme, you receive a personal link to the Retro Cycling Jerseys webshop. You can share this link on your website, blog, mailing list, social media, etc. When someone makes a purchase in our shop through your link, you get €5! This will be payed if the purchase is not returned after 45 days.

A few possibilities

We have made some ready-to-use banners, but also a simple text link can work good. These banners can be placed on your own website and the text link can easily be shared via your social media channels. With a test order we can see from both sides if it works well.
Would you like to receive one of our ready-to-use banners? Then please contact us

Check out the process in your Affiliate Partner Dashboard

After you sign up, you get access to your own Dashboard on GoAffPro. Here you can see 24/7 how much you have sold, what your balance is and when you will be paid.

Can anyone sign up?

Yes, anyone can sign up. Of course, success depends on whether your audience is interested in retro cycling clothing. So if you have sporty visitors who are interested in cycling then your chances of success are the highest. You will only know it when you try it,  it costs nothing and we are happy to help where needed. 
Simply request your personal link here and see if you can win with us!