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A holiday together with your friends from your student days, wonderful! That's what Epco and his student friends also found. Every year, they go on a week-long holiday to the historic village of Pressigny in France. This year, they decided to cycle the 'Tour de Pressigny' together and so discovered some beautiful places in this region! Of course, this historical region needs a historical outfit, so they chose to wear Retro Cycling Jerseys. They themselves described this holiday as 'priceless', so definitely recommended!

Retro Wielershirts

Epco's group of friends

This group of friends is very close, because a few years ago they even decided to buy a run-down farmhouse together in the village of Pressigny, which is located in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. After a couple of years of fixing up this farm together, the result is definitely worth it! Now, they have a place where they can always go together for wonderful cycling holidays and catch up on old memories from their student days!

In addition, they also needed a support vehicle during the bicycle tours. To stay in the nostalgic theme, they chose a retro car. This was a Citroën DS; better known as 'The Pike' or 'The Iron'. At the time, this was a revolutionary model and it is still a popular retro among car enthusiasts.

Wielervakantie retro

The farm they renovated and the car

The retro experience was completed with Retro Cycling Jerseys. The friends raced through the French streets in these iconic jerseys, with beautiful views. The jerseys they chose were the Brooklyn cycling jersey, the polka dot jersey, the 1974 Molteni yellow jersey from Eddy's last tour victory, and the vanished combined jersey for the combined standings in the Tour de France.

Retro Wielershirts

The four friends wearing the Retro Cycling Jerseys

Pressigny is located 31 kilometres southwest of the historic town of Loches, 60 kilometres from the Brenne Natural Park, 20 kilometres from Haute-Touche Zoo, 51 kilometres from Futuroscope Amusement Park and 25 kilometres from the town of Châtellerault. So you certainly won't be bored here! The Claise, a tributary of the Creuse and the Aigronne also flow together in this village. In Pressigny, you can truly experience the vivid history with many historical buildings and the beautiful nature. Moreover, it is also an ideal place to go cycling, here you can find some nice routes that run through this village. Below, you can see some nice snapshots of the beautiful rides.

Retro wielerkleding tocht

                      Retro Wielershirt    Retro Wielerkleding


Do you want to shine just like Epco and his group of friends in these Retro cycling jerseys? Then you are in luck! You can also order the 1974 Molteni yellow jersey of Eddy's last tour victory, The Combined Jersey - the disappeared jersey of the Tour de France (1985-1989), Lucien van Impe's polka dot jersey and the Retro cycling jersey of Brooklyn.
de Molteni gele trui uit 1974 van Eddy's laatste tourzegeRetro Wielerkleding - de verdwenen lapjestruiRetro Wielerkleding - De bolletjestruiRetro Wielerkleding - Retro Wielershirt Brooklyn


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