12 January 2021 By Sjuul Bos News

The past few months, I have been doing research on the French cycling world. I sent a survey to several French cycling pages on social media. All participants of the survey received an attractive discount code from us and we also selected a winner. The lucky winner was awarded a retro cycling jersey!


It turned out that the former French and Italian cycling teams are very popular among French cycling fans. The top 10 most popular retro cycling jerseys in France are therefore:

  1. Peugeot - Shell - Michelin (1983)
  2. Bic (1969)
  3. Renault - Elf (1982)
  4. Saint-Raphaël - R Geminiani - Dunlop (1960)
  5. Mercier - BP - Hutchinson (1965) 
  6. Brooklyn (1976)
  7. Bianchi - Campagnolo (1975)
  8. Gan - Mercier - Hutchinson (1972)
  9. Ford France - Hutchinson (1965) 
  10. Pelforth - Sauvage - Lejeune (1964)

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The winner of the survey is Patrice. He did not choose a French or Italian classic, but the Dutch cycling team PDM instead. He also received an additional gift from us: our retro beach towel.

Congratulations Patrice and lots of cycling fun!

Patrice with his won outfit and beach towel


The PDM cycling team started in 1986 and was a very luxurious cycling team because of their high budget. They even had massage tables in their bus! The team had many famous international and Dutch cyclists like Greg LeMond, Gerrie Knetemann, Gert-Jan Theunisse and Seán Kelly. This team also had a lot of great victories at the Tour of Holland and the Tour de France and Seán Kelly even got a World Cup under their name! The infamous intralipid affair, during the Tour de France of 1991, marked the beginning of the end for the team. The team finally stopped in 1992.

Greetings Sjuul

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