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Cycling café Doetinchem is a great place to be for enthusiastic cycling fans, cyclists, mountain bikers, cyclo-cross riders and also sporty touring cyclists. Here you can enjoy a real homely setting, where you can follow the cycling race with other cycling enthusiasts via a high resolution beamer.

Do you like to hop on a bike yourself? Perfect, because the cycling café is perfectly situated for all kinds of cycling trips: exploring, climbing hills, fast or just cosy. A beautiful landscape stretches out in all directions with good cycle paths, many gravel paths and challenging forest paths. When you are ready for a break, you can simply park your bike inside the cycling café while you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or a refreshing beer! The café also organises cycling events: cyclists regularly come and share their experiences.

Gruppetto - the Dutch cycling podcast

The podcast discusses the race and everything around it from the cosy cycling café Doetinchem. Stories from the past and present come together: the battle, the relaxation and much more. The podcast can be listened to via Spotify and Apple podcasts since 27 April 2020. Since March there has been an upgrade of the technical equipment, which makes it sound even better now!

The term 'Gruppetto' refers to a group of riders at the back of the race during the mountain stages of stage races. Usually, these are the sprinters and time trialists who have no interest in finishing in front or helpers who have dropped out and just make sure they reach the finish in time. In Dutch, the name for this is 'de bus', a term coined by Gerrie Knetemann. The Italian name was chosen as the name for the podcast.

In the latest podcast, you'll hear driver and former stage winner Jelle Nijdam, amateur rider and future groom Jesse Reith, power cyclist and young father Arno Daleman and pub owner and peddler Gerrit Geuvers talking. Together they discuss the race, the gossip and their own achievements.


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