20 December 2021 By Elien Kaes News

Velofinesse recently launched a new webshop with a clear goal: sharing the passion for cycling and more specifically retro cycling. You can get everything to make your cycling experience complete: put on some nice cycling socks, ride on a vintage bike and enjoy a beer afterwards. Then pull on the cycling jerseys of RedTed to complete the experience. This makes for an perfect day of cycling!


The Velofinesse cycling jerseys - design by Redted & Velofinesse

Velofinesse shares our passion for retro cycling. We look beyond the famous cycling champions such as Eddy Merckx or Jacques Anquetil, to those who stood behind them. It's not just the riders who finished in first place, but also the strong riders who brought them to the top. The ones who rode for hours at the top, who went to get the drinking cans and who even gave up their bikes when the leader's bike broke down, may certainly not be forgotten! 

Would you also like to design your own cycling clothes? We are more than happy to do this for you. It is best to contact us first so that we can look at the options together and agree on the prices. 

Of course the RedTed collection is also available at our shop! So you can cycle in the cycling clothes of famous and less famous cycling heroes. Wear the cycling jerseys of Ferretti, Molteni, Brooklyn, Gan Mercier and many more. You can find the complete range of RedTed cycling jerseys here

Ferretti wielershirtMolteni wielershirtBrooklyn wielershirtGan Mercier wielershirt

Are you, like us, a big fan of cycling? Then be sure to keep an eye on our blog. We regularly post new stories about cycling facts, noteworthy events and updates of our product range which are definitely worth reading!

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